Symbols - What does heaven look like

Ming Yi


The gua hexagram as it is in the I Ching


The Chinese Element to which it corresponds

 Earth [Chinese]

The name of the upper Trigram


The name of the lower Trigram


The description of the symbol as it is given in the I-Ching

Brightness has sunk under the earth

An image of brilliance injured

In correspondence with this

The superior person remains in harmony with the multitude

Covering his brilliance, yet his light is shining.


To raze or exterminate one’s intellectual brilliance.  Thus to deliberately choose a path where one’s intellectual capabilities are hidden.  It is not the same as humility, it is the recognition that in some circumstances one should not fight, one should concede, until the time is right for the brilliance to emerge.


In other words – Meekness - avoiding conflict.