Symbols - What does heaven look like


The gua hexagram as it is in the I Ching


The Chinese Element to which it corresponds


The name of the upper Trigram


The name of the lower Trigram


The description of the symbol as it is given in the I-Ching

A spring flows out of a mountain

The symbol of an unenlightened ignorant

In correspondence with this

The superior person makes every effort

To cultivate virtue with resolute deeds


There is no equivalent activity on the website that relates to the need to lean from your experiences, but clearly it is exceptionally important you do because unless you do, you will stay where you are seeing twirly whirly patterns and getting synaesthesia [or worse]  until your composer gives up and hits you with some nasty trips.


Bad trips and bad experiences mean you are suffering from Meng – you are, simply put, ignorant.