Symbols - What does heaven look like

Maze and tunnel

Memory is formed from Perceptions.  The Learning process takes our Perceptions and creates either learnt function or the database of facts.

The Maze is the symbolic equivalent of Memory, which means that occasionally as we traverse our Memory we can find ourselves suddenly in a symbolic tunnel or a well – a Portal.

I have shown this below using the diagram in the section on Remembering.  We have been following a certain path through the Maze that is our Memory  and suddenly ‘plop’!! we are in a tunnel and either going up towards the light or falling falling falling down towards our past perceptions of this life and the lives before. 


This can involve the reliving of past events in our lives, or the reliving of past events in previous lives.

If you have had a particularly traumatic time in the maze at that point, this may be the chance for you to discover  what caused that ‘bad memory’.  By reliving the experience, it also provides you with the opportunity to relearn,  with the advantage of a kind of hindsight.  Given that some traumatic memories are based on our childhood, it can often help explain things we have long since ‘forgotten’ but not come to terms with – a difficult birth, an early operation, being frightened before you understood enough speech to be able to be reassured.