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Judgement - the tarot

A card that symbolically shows what happens on death or annihilation.  It may or may not show your Higher spirit

In general the cards depict a trumpet – because as we know from examining near death experiences, people perceive the tunnel through which they travel to have very roughly the shape of a trumpet, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top.

Throughout the Bible and in the Qu’ran together with many poems and novels, there are descriptions of people hearing a ‘trumpet’ when they die.  We may think that this is a whimsical notion – but some people do indeed hear a noise  similar to a trumpet – thus whatever system is in operation to get their spirits on the move up the shaft, it sounds like a trumpet to the newly dead.

Some example cards follow.

This card shows annihilation with the masculine
feminine chemical wedding achieved, the spirit baby and the higher spirit along with the tunnel and thered cross. The path of the sun and no reincarnation.
This shows death with the people in the water level being summoned up the tunnel to the moon – the path of reincarnation.

More examples along with the symbolism of the swaddling clothes or cocoon.


The Rider Waite Tarot
This card shows Minch Tarot showing not only
the portal but also cones/swords. See also Bridge.


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