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A little creature that can survive and thrive in both Water and on the Earth.  Furthermore it lays Eggs and can make a strange croaking noise.  In many eastern systems a frog thus symbolises an initiate  - a person at the start of the spiritual path who has not yet learnt to fly or sing, but paddles around between the spirit world and the physical world possibly going out of body, but basically learning.   There is by implication a strong link with the physical world - the temptations of the physical are very strong still.

A bit more from Cirlot

A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot
The frog represents the transition from the element of the Earth to that of Water and vice versa is also a lunar anima [that is one who reincarnates]l; there are many legends which tell of a frog in the moon and it figures in many rites invoking rainfall.
In Egypt, it was an attribute of Herit, the goddess who assisted Isis in her ritual resurrection of Osiris.  The little frogs which appeared in the Nile a few days before it overflowed its banks were, therefore regarded as heralds of fertility.
The toad is the antithesis of the frog, as the wasp is to the bee.
Ania Teillard recalls that in the centre of his picture of The Temptation of St Anthony, Bosch places a frog, with the head of a very aged human being, poised upon a platter held up by a negress. 


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