Symbols - What does heaven look like



Buttercups take on the symbolism of all flowers.  

They also have five petals which means they borrow from the symbolism of five - for example that of the pentangle.

Five can symbolise man as representing the microcosmos, thus the universe or macrocosmos expressed at a lower level.  Within him man has all the Levels and Layers and is thus a smaller [cut down] version of the software of the universe.

Cecily Mary Barker

The number five is used because man appears to have 5 of everything – 5 senses, 5 ‘members’ [limbs and extremities],  five fingers, 5 main organs [heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, stomach], 5 toes and so on.

But there is exremely inportant symbolism attached to the buttercup because of its colour - it is yellow and reflects the Sun

In effect, the buttercup is a fully enlightened person on their way to the Sun - see the Four seasons and the hours for a further explanation.











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