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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Cassidy, Joe

Category: Healer

Joe Cassidy is an Irish healer and diviner.  He can heal people and animals remotely as well as hands on. His method of healing is his own and he is self taught, but he would probably be described as coming closest to Reiki in his method of approach.

Although he can, like most diviners, find water, his main skill in divination is finding disrupted energy fields in houses and land.  In this respect he is able to detect telluric currents that have gone awry as a result of building work, mining, or excavation and similar energy field problems that have occurred in houses, often as a result of renovation work.

He is also a wonderful proof of the fact that 'memories'  - in reality perceptions are stored in crystalline objects, as he is also able to detect houses and land which have been the scenes of violent or dramatic events.  For example, he found a field in which a battle had taken place and which hundreds had died and been buried where they died.

He is able to 'read people's minds'.  In effect, his Composer and the Composer of the person he is able to 'read' co-operate to feed back the perceptions of the person he is 'reading'.  Thus he is also capable of Inter composer communication.

This communication can be with the living or dead.  He has quite an impressive record of being able to communicate with the Higher spirits of people who are 'haunting' houses.

Where did this spiritual gift come from?  In the first place much of it appears to have been inherited, he has uncles that had the ability and his son also has the same ability. There are hints that his father may have had the ability too, but never developed it.

But there was another factor that appears to have had a huge influence and that was the fact his was a difficult birth.  I will leave it to him to describe this.  

Joe Cassidy - the Diviner

There was something different about me, right from the beginning. I was born on 25th March 1961, the fourth child of Paddy and Mary Cassidy, in Naas, County Kildare. But I wasn't expected to live.

When my mother was in labour with me, the doctor was called for. He didn't like the look of the way things were going, so he called an ambulance. My mother who must have been in a great deal of pain, was afraid for her life when she overheard the doctor saying to the ambulance driver, 'How long does it take you to get from here to Holles Street in Dublin? I mean, how fast could you do it in?'
The ambulance man said, 'Twenty-nine minutes - at this hour of the night.'
The doctor replied, 'Well, if you do it in that time tonight, you'll save this mother. If you're much longer than that, then you'll lose both her and the baby.'
Luckily, the ambulance did get there in time. My mother was saved and in due course I was born. But it seems that I wasn't at all well. In fact the doctor said to my mother, 'Pray that God will take him. He'll never be anything, only a vegetable.'
Now my mother is a strong woman. She will never just take what she is told. So she went straight to the church and prayed that God would save me. I ended up in an incubator for the first months of my life. My mother had to leave me in the hospital when she went home, but she came up to see me as often as she could. And, against the odds, I came out of the incubator and was brought home. However, that wasn't the end of it.
Although my mother was a young woman, she was used to rearing children, having already had three before me. But I didn't react the way my brothers and sister had done. The others had cried when they were dirty, hungry or wet, but I never cried, and that worried her. I never slept either. My father would often get out of the bed and check me in my cot. One night my mother remembers him getting back into the bed and saying, 'He is a vegetable.'

But he wasn't and the book he has written is adequate proof that he has turned out to be a remarkable man.


Joe Cassidy - The Diviner

A Youtube recording of an interview with Joe on the radio  Midlands Today.  Joe spoke to Will Faulkner on the Midlands Today Show  about how his journey to becoming a healer. (This interview was broadcast on 4th April 2012)


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