Some science behind the scenes


A person gifted with shamanic ability who uses his powers to hurt and not to help.  In some cultures the definition is extended so that a sorceror is a shaman who communes with ‘evil spirits’ for personal gain.  Generally speaking a sorceror starts as a black shaman.  Black shamans can start out as well meaning, but continual exposure to evil spirit beings can result in them becoming sorcerors.  

The vast majority are men.

I would like you to understand the logic of this classification.  Black shamans come into contact with viruses and bacteria – they ‘see’ the spirit beings of these potentially harmful pathogens.  As such any shaman exposed to these is himself in danger and also has great power to spread disease if he turns nasty.

Interestingly enough most sorcerors come to a sticky end, as the powers they evoke often turn on them and destroy them – they get the viruses and bacteria of the spirit beings they invoke and given that viruses can indeed be horrendous, death can be equally unpleasant.  There appear to be some who believe that the AIDs virus was invoked by a sorceror, it was dormant but called into existence for evil purposes.

Needless to say because sorcerors associate with the spirit beings of bacteria and viruses sorcerors have the power to bring illness and death upon men. As a consequence, they are “much feared, by the people, who sometimes kill them”.

The grave of a sorceror is usually shaded by aspens, and the body is fastened to the earth by a stake taken from this tree.

From where we get the story of Dracula.


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