Some science behind the scenes

Sacred geography - blind springs

The symbolism for a spiral can be found by following the link, spirals are used as the symbol to mark ‘blind springs’.  Blind springs are  actual spirals of measurable energy around some sites. 

A ‘blind spring’ is defined as a place where many telluric current converge.  It may involve water, as water alters the direction of telluric currents, but it doesn’t have to.   This is why the term ‘blind’ is used. 

A ‘blind spring’ affects the telluric currents giving them a spiral motion, like the water going down a plug hole.  A dowser can usually find these spirals even though no actual water may be involved in their production.

Guy Underwood – The Pattern of the past
Since prehistoric monuments can be enclosed by spirals [of measurable energy] produced by one or more springs, the reasonable assumption is that their positions were determined by these phenomena.  The blind spring designated the spiritual centre of the site.




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