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Some science behind the scenes

Cadmium chelating plants

Any plant that upon analysis contains cadmium, when it has no need of that chemical itself is, by definition, capable of chelating the soil. 

The following list is from Dr Duke's phytochemical database and contains just some of the plants he found that contained cadmium upon analysis.  The implications are also clear, that it is not safe to eat these plants if they have been grown on contaminated land.

Once the chelation of the land is complete, they need to be disposed of safely, for example placed in a deep pit - an open cast mine for example or other deep hole in the ground - where they cannot resurface and where their contaminants are safely buried.

List of plants containing CADMIUM

Phoenix dactylifera L. [Arecaceae] Seed 0 9 ABS
Hypericum perforatum L. [Clusiaceae] Leaf 1 7 PM1986
Hypericum perforatum L. [Clusiaceae] Plant 1 5 PM1986
Spinacia oleracea L. [Chenopodiaceae] Leaf 0.05 5 AAS
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus MOENCH. [Caprifoliaceae] Stem 0 5 DUKE1992A
Lactuca sativa L. [Asteraceae] Leaf 0.01 4 DUKE1992A
Rhus glabra L. [Anacardiaceae] Stem 0 4 DUKE1992A
Carya ovata (MILL.) K. KOCH [Juglandaceae] Shoot 0 3 DUKE1992A
Hypericum perforatum L. [Clusiaceae] Root 1 3 PM1986
Quercus phellos L. [Fagaceae] Stem 0 3 DUKE1992A
Pinus echinata MILLER [Pinaceae] Shoot 0 2 USG
Lycopersicon esculentum MILLER [Solanaceae] Fruit 0.005 1.7 DUKE1992A
Anethum graveolens L. [Apiaceae] Plant 0.02 1 AAS
Juniperus virginiana L. [Cupressaceae] Shoot 0 1 DUKE1992A
Quercus alba L. [Fagaceae] Stem 0 1 USG
Quercus stellata WANGENH. [Fagaceae] Stem 0 1 DUKE1992A
Zea mays L. [Poaceae] Seed 0 1 HAM33(4):42 USG
Daucus carota L. [Apiaceae] Root 0.012 0.6 DUKE1992A
Rheum rhabarbarum L. [Polygonaceae] Pt 0.005 0.6 DUKE1992A
Petroselinum crispum (MILLER) NYMAN EX A. W. HILLL [Apiaceae] Plant 0.01 0.57 AAS USG
Raphanus sativus L. [Brassicaceae] Root 0.005 0.57 DUKE1992A
Cucumis sativus L. [Cucurbitaceae] Fruit 0.001 0.56 DUKE1992A
Armoracia rusticana GAERTN. ET AL. [Brassicaceae] Root 0.08 0.5 AAS
Solanum tuberosum L. [Solanaceae] Tuber 0.004 0.455 AAS USG
Prunus persica (L.) BATSCH [Rosaceae] Fruit 0 0.45 DUKE1992A
Solanum melongena L. [Solanaceae] Fruit 0.3 0.44 DUKE1992A
Pastinaca sativa L. [Apiaceae] Root 0.01 0.4 DUKE1992A
Brassica oleracea var. capitata l. var. capitata L. [Brassicaceae] Leaf 0.005 0.39 AAS USA
Allium cepa L. [Liliaceae] Bulb 0.005 0.38 AAS USG
Rubus chamaemorus L. [Rosaceae] Fruit 0.05 0.38 DUKE1992A
Apium graveolens L. [Apiaceae] Root 0.001 0.364 AAS
Beta vulgaris subsp. subsp. vulgaris [Chenopodiaceae] Root 0.01 0.33 AAS
Capsicum annuum L. [Solanaceae] Fruit 0.005 0.33 AAS USG
Pisum sativum L. [Fabaceae] Seed 0.001 0.3 DUKE1992A
Triticum aestivum L. [Poaceae] Seed 0.252 0.252 DUKE1992A
Cichorium endivia L. [Asteraceae] Leaf 0.2 0.24 DUKE1992A
Vitis vinifera L. [Vitaceae] Fruit 0.001 0.231 AAS USG
Vaccinium macrocarpon AITON [Ericaceae] Fruit 0.03 0.23 AAS
Phaseolus vulgaris subsp. var. vulgaris [Fabaceae] Fruit 0.002 0.2 AAS USG
Fragaria spp [Rosaceae] Fruit 0.004 0.18 AAS
Oryza sativa L. [Poaceae] Seed 0.18 0.18 DUKE1992A
Vigna mungo (L.) HEPPER [Fabaceae] Seed 0.175 0.175 DUKE1992A
Vigna radiata (L.) WILCZEK [Fabaceae] Seed 0.165 0.165 HAM33(4):42
Citrus sinensis (L.) OSBECK [Rutaceae] Fruit 0.001 0.138 USG
Pyrus communis L. [Rosaceae] Fruit 0 0.125 DUKE1992A
Brassica napus var. napobrassica var. napobrassica (L.) REICHB. [Brassicaceae] Root 0.004 0.1 AAS
Carya ovata (MILL.) K. KOCH [Juglandaceae] Seed 0.08 0.08 DUKE1992A
Rosa canina L. [Rosaceae] Fruit 0.03 0.075 AAS
Asparagus officinalis L. [Liliaceae] Shoot 0.018 0.07 DUKE1992A
Vaccinium vitis-idaea var. minus LODD. [Ericaceae] Fruit 0.001 0.07 DUKE1992A
Prunus domestica L. [Rosaceae] Fruit 0.001 0.068 AAS USG
Citrus paradisi MacFAD. [Rutaceae] Fruit 0.002 0.066 AAS USG
Corylus avellana L. [Betulaceae] Seed 0.01 0.05 AAS FUR
Pimenta dioica (L.) MERR. [Myrtaceae] Plant 0.05 0.05 DUKE1992A
Urtica dioica L. [Urticaceae] Leaf 0.01 0.05 AAS
Cucumis melo subsp. ssp melo var.cantalupensis NAUDIN [Cucurbitaceae] Fruit 0.017 0.044 USG
Brassica pekinensis (LOUR.) RUPR. [Brassicaceae] Leaf 0.038 0.042 DUKE1992A
Pistacia vera L. [Anacardiaceae] Seed 0.04 0.04 DUKE1992A
Ribes uva-crispa L. [Grossulariaceae] Fruit 0.001 0.04 DUKE1992A
Sorbus aucubaria L. [Rosaceae] Fruit 0.005 0.04 DUKE1992A
Phaseolus vulgaris subsp. var. vulgaris [Fabaceae] Seed 0.007 0.039 USG
Anacardium occidentale L. [Anacardiaceae] Seed 0.03 0.03 DUKE1992A
Arachis hypogaea L. [Fabaceae] Seed 0.03 0.03 DUKE1992A
Bertholletia excelsa BONPL. [Lecythidaceae] Seed 0.03 0.03 FUR
Carya illinoensis (WANGENH.) K. KOCH [Juglandaceae] Seed 0.03 0.03 DUKE1992A
Cocos nucifera L. [Arecaceae] Seed 0.03 0.03 FUR
Juglans cinerea L. [Juglandaceae] Seed 0.03 0.03 DUKE1992A
Juglans nigra L. [Juglandaceae] Seed 0.03 0.03 FUR
Ribes rubrum L. [Grossulariaceae] Fruit 0.003 0.03 DUKE1992A
Malus domestica BORKH. [Rosaceae] Fruit 0.002 0.026 AAS USG
Prunus dulcis (MILLER) D. A. WEBB [Rosaceae] Seed 0.005 0.02 AAS FUR
Quercus rubra L. [Fagaceae] Seed 0.02 0.02 DUKE1992A
Vaccinium myrtillus L. [Ericaceae] Fruit 0.001 0.02 AAS
Ribes nigrum L. [Grossulariaceae] Fruit 0.001 0.01 AAS
Brassica oleracea var. italica L., PLENCK [Brassicaceae] Leaf     AAS
Citrus reticulata BLANCO [Rutaceae] Fruit     AAS
Crataegus laevigata (POIR.) DC [Rosaceae] Fruit     23771
Crataegus laevigata (POIR.) DC [Rosaceae] Flower     23771
Linum usitatissimum L. [Linaceae] Seed     FIH
Musa x paradisiaca L. [Musaceae] Fruit     AAS
Senna obtusifolia (L.) H.IRWIN & BARNEBY [Fabaceae] Seed     DUKE1992A
Taraxacum officinale WEBER EX F. H. WIGG. [Asteraceae] Root     EGH13:108
Taraxacum officinale WEBER EX F. H. WIGG. [Asteraceae] Leaf     EGH13:108