Some science behind the scenes

Animal pesticides


There are two main types of product in this category 

Animal repellents are products designed to keep certain animals away from objects, areas, people, plants, or other animals.
For a list of Mammal repellants see link

Rodenticides, colloquially rat poison, are a category of pest control chemicals intended to kill rodents.  Single feed baits are chemicals sufficiently dangerous that the first dose is sufficient to kill.
Rodents are difficult to kill with poisons because their feeding habits reflect their place as scavengers. They will eat a small bit of something and wait, and if they don't get sick, they continue. An effective rodenticide must be tasteless and odorless in lethal concentrations, and have a delayed effect.
Rodenticides are controversial, "due to Secondary Poisoning and their risks to children, pets and wildlife".

see Alan Woods Compendium of pesticides for a list