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Chronic fatigue syndrome

Category: Illness or disabilities



Introduction and description


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the common name for a group of significantly debilitating medical conditions - symptoms, all related to fatigue of a debilitating nature.

The body normally attempts to get us to lie down and sleep when we are really ill.  If we have flu, or have been poisoned, if we are suffering from food poisoning or inhalation of some noxious gas or substance, the body makes us anaemic.  In other words, it removes the red blood cells which carry oxygen and replaces them with the white blood cells needed to fight the pathogen.  The lack of oxygen then makes us tired and we lie down and let the healing systems of our body work to rid us of the pathogen - or should do. 

CFS is actually a symptom of invasion by a pathogen of some seriousness.  But we should not try to say it is one pathogen, it may be any one of many - all we know is that it is indeed very nasty and we need to sleep, rest, keep warm and find out what it is.


CFS is characterized by persistent fatigue and other specific symptoms that lasts for a minimum of six months in adults and 3 months in children or adolescents.

The fatigue is not due to exertion, not significantly relieved by rest, and is not believed to be caused by other medical conditions, but here we must sound a note of warning because as the true cause of most disease is not investigated by current medical practise, they will never know - and nor will you.

Names names names

The medical community work on the basis that they take a set of observed symptoms, group them, give them a name, then give you drugs for them.  Since this approach never involves any investigation of the ultimate cause of the illness, and any one cause can produce hundreds of symptoms which can occur in all sorts of combinations evolving over time, doctors have devised  several hundred names for symptom combinations, but have no idea of the cause of any of them.  They are also unable to heal either, because without knowing the cause, no true healing is ever possible.


Thus, some people go to one doctor and are told they have GBS, then it is BBE, then it is CFS or ME, then it is fibromyalgia, or Akureyri disease, benign myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, chronic infectious mononucleosis, epidemic myalgic encephalomyelitis, epidemic neuromyasthenia, Iceland disease, myalgic encephalomyelitis, myalgic encephalitis, myalgic encephalopathy, post-viral fatigue syndrome, raphe nucleus encephalopathy, Royal Free disease, Tapanui flu .......


And then of course we have myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), post-viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS), and chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS).

And as they argue about what to call what you have got, you suffer. 

As the whole system of the medical community is based on matching pharmaceuticals to the names, for them it is important to get the name right.  But this means the system is inherently flawed right from the beginning, as if your symptoms do not quite match, then they are stumped as to what drugs to give you.

Although there is agreement that CFS poses genuine threats to health, happiness and productivity, various physicians' groups, researchers and patient advocates promote differing nomenclatures, diagnostic criteria, etiologic hypotheses and treatments, resulting in controversy about many aspects of the disorder.


Every grouping of symptoms is real.

The suffering is real.  It is not psychosomatic, or in the mind or shirking or any other of the disparaging remarks that can be made about people with complicated sets of symptoms. 

I am saying this as a sympathiser not as a sufferer.

What it means is - whatever silly convoluted name doctors and the medical profession choose to invent for a set of symptoms - is that you have a set of symptoms, possibly unique to you, caused by agents unknown. 

And they are unknown because the medical community never even so much as attempt to find out what they are. 

And there are a lot of people in this boat.

Estimates of prevalence vary from 7 to 3,000 [sic] cases of CFS for every 100,000 adults; national health organizations have estimated more than one million Americans and approximately a quarter of a million people in the UK have CFS.

Now an analogy.


Imagine you have in front of you a distressed crying child.  The crying is annoying you because it is loud and insistent.  You call in a doctor.  He is a Symptom based doctor.  He looks at the way the child is crying and the loudness of the cry and says, 'ah yes' you have a case of Peristent Annoying Individual Nodular Chronic Endless Crying [PAIN-CEC] on your hands.  He looks in his medical text book and finds the right page for PAIN-CEC which says "hit the child hard across the side of the face.  If this doesn't work first time double the dose.  Keep on doubling the dose until it stops." 

This approach is tried and lo and behold it works for a short time, the child sits there stunned and all is silent.  It starts to cry again, the dose is doubled.  It goes very quiet.  And it learns that each time it cries it will be hit and so it doesn't cry.  But as you have not investigated the cause of its crying you will have never found out that the nappy pin [sorry I am old fashioned] you carelessly fixed that morning is sticking into him and causing him great pain.   The wound goes septic and the baby dies.

And the Symptom based doctor says 'Well it was lucky we found a way of silencing him as he would have cried even more, given he was dying".

Causes - Helping yourself

We may not know specifically what causes CFS, because a group of symptoms tells us nothing - absolutely nothing - about the cause.  BUT the agents are known in a sense -  the types of agent always are, all you have to do is to find the type first [and it may be more than one type] and then the specific instance of that type - see Healing yourself.

The causes of illness can usually be traced back to only a few main types of cause.  In fact, the main classes of event are the same for everyone and they are:

In the reference section below, we have provided some of the titles from papers on Pubmed where CFS and an actual pathogen have been linked.  But there are a lot more papers on the site, indicating that all very serious pathogens may be implicated in the long run.


We do know, because figures are collected via Adverse Drug Reports that  pharmaceuticals including vaccines are an added problem and cause that need to be considered.

In the case of vaccines the link between the adjuvant used in some vaccines and CFS is quite strong

Macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) is a specific histological lesion assessing the persistence of vaccine-derived aluminum oxyhydroxide [an adjuvant] in muscle tissue, at a site of previous immunization. Long-lasting MMF is usually detected in patients with arthromyalgias, chronic fatigue, and stereotyped cognitive dysfunction. …To help decision making in routine practice, we designed a retrospective analysis of 130 consecutive arthro-myalgic patients, previously immunized with aluminum-containing vaccines,. … MMF was diagnosed in 32.3% of the patients. … MMF patients had … more often abnormal evoked potentials suggestive of CNS demyelination PMID: 23921285

and vaccines containing live [attenuated] viruses are als implicated

Adult women are over-represented in the population of patients with chronic fatigue, and are especially susceptible to developing such symptoms following exposure to attenuated rubella virus. A new more potent strain of live rubella vaccine (strain RA27/3) was introduced in 1979. Within three years reports of patients with chronic fatigue began surfacing in the literature. Considering all this, the possible role of rubella immunization in the etiology of chronic fatigue syndromes deserves further study. PMID: 3211019

When we originally did this entry in mid 2014, there were about 3000 pharmaceuticals that had a record for causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

The eHealthme site collects the Adverse Drug reports submitted by doctors to the FDA and SEDA in the USA.  It then summarises them for ease of use.  We originally provided a direct link to CFS listed on this site and the pharmaceuticals that can cause it, but the eHealthme website developers frequently reorganise the site and thus break the links.  Thus in order to find out which pharmaceuticals are implicated in CFS

  • Follow the LINK to the eHealthme website
  • Using the ‘All conditions’ index find the appropriate entry
  • Now scroll down until you get to the section marked ‘Drugs that could cause

The list shows you all the drugs implicated in CAUSING CFS as well as the number of people who have made a complaint to their doctor and had their case reported by him.  Note that it is up to the doctor whether he reports or not.

The need for testing

Ultimately the name give to the group of symptoms you may have is meaningless and unimportant.  What is key is to find ways of getting yourself tested for each of these main types of pathogen.

And soon.

The following is so sad, but should help to demonstrate the problem.  Sarcoidosis is another weasel word.  It means a pathogen has been allowed to get into the lymph system or blood circulatory system and it appears that this happened during dental treatment.  The lady has CFS, but that is the least of her problems, the cause was never identified and never treated - instead she was put on more pharms

Kath Nugent on Aug, 26, 2014 [eHealthme case studies]:

I was diagnosed with Lymphatic Sarcoidosis 15 years ago. After massive weight loss, a node in my neck the size of a small egg, and at the same time an
area of my gum opened up where i had a tooth removed 20 years earlier, Sarcoid grew out of this opening !!it was like a piece of green string. My GP & Consultant tried to pull it out but failed,it was about an inch long. i was sent away with no further appointment, So i went to see my Dentist who seemed to know what it was and sent me to the Hospital Dentist who did a jaw bone Scraping and arranged for the node in neck to be removed for biopsy, both biopsy came back as Sarcoidosis. i was then x rayed and was found to have it in on my lungs as well. at this point i had active Sarcoidosis in my Lymphatic system, bone, lungs. However it as never been active in my lungs !!! it did however eat away the inside of my nose, it attacked my eyes i almost went blind, i lost my balance,it was in my brain.
i was so tired, and after so many steroids i was having a bad reaction to them in various organs and was taken of them. i did recover from this as the Sarcoid went dormant. i have recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor and raised platelets. given that Sarcoidosis is next door to Cancer and that i feel absolutely wasted and week!!! i am feeling anxious about the outcome of more tests. But we all have to go sometime and i know there are people out there worse than me !!! i send you all love & light and hope we can all have the strength to help each other through whatever is thrown at us!! not easy by any means. Happy to answer any questions if it will help anyone Take care Kath Nugent

May the angels bless you Kath and take care of you.

How it works

Without knowing the causes of CFS it is impossible to know why anyone got a hallucination or near death experience, for example.

But there does seem to be a link with the undiagnosed and undetected pathogen having got into the spinal cord, by passing the blood brain barrier and then damaging the brain.  So one cause of spiritual experience is Brain damage.

References and further reading

This long list of references shows that there can be multiple causes for CFS – this list is  by no means exhaustive, and that tests must be done to find the actual cause

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The observations on spiritual experience are all grouped under Nervous sysem disease, as that is how CFS is currently classified. 

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