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Ynglinga saga - 05 Chapter Five



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A great mountain range runs from the north-east to the south-west. It divides Svíþjóð in mikla from other realms. To the south of the mountains it is not far to Tyrkland. There Óðinn had large possessions.

At that time the rulers of the Rúmverjar travelled widely around the world and conquered all nations, and many rulers fled their lands because of this aggression. And because Óðinn had prophetic and magical powers, he knew that his descendants would inhabit the northern region of the world.

Then he appointed his brothers, Vé and Vílir, to rule Ásgarðr, while he, and all the gods with him and many other people, left. He went first west into Garðaríki (Russia) and then south to Saxland (Germany). He had many sons.

He made himself king over large parts of Saxland and established his sons there to guard the land. Then he went north to the sea and took up residence on a certain island. That place is now called Óðinsey (‘Óðinns sanctuary; Odense) on Fjón (Fyn). Then he sent Gefjun north over the sound in search of lands. She came to Gylfi, and he gave her one ‘plough-land’.

Then she went into Jǫtunheimar (world of giants) and had four sons with a certain giant. She changed them into the form of oxen and put them to the plough and hauled the land out into the sea and west next to Óðinsey, and that is called Selund (Sjælland). There she lived afterwards. Skjǫldr, son of Óðinn, married her. They lived at Hleiðra (Lejre). A lake was left behind. It is called Lǫgrinn (Mälaren). The fiords in Lǫgrinn correspond to the headlands in Selund. So said Bragi inn gamli (the Old):

Gefjun dragged from Gylfi, Ragnarsdrápa gladly, a sea-ring homeland,  Gylf Danmǫrk’s addition, so that the draught-beasts were steaming.

With eight orbs of the forehead the oxen, in front of the plundered isle, wide-pastured, paced; and four heads also.

But when Óðinn heard that good land was available from Gylfi to the east, he went there, and he and Gylfi came to terms, because Gylfi did not think he had the power to withstand the Æsir. Óðinn and Gylfi often competed in tricks and illusions, and the Æsir were always superior.

Óðinn established his dwelling by Lǫgrinn at the place now called Old Sigtúnir, and built a large temple there and performed sacrifices according to the custom of the Æsir. He took possession of lands over the whole area that he gave the name Sigtúnir to. He gave dwelling places to the temple priests.

Njǫrðr lived at Nóatún, Freyr at Uppsalir, Heimdallr at Himinbjǫrg, Þórr at Þrúðvangr, Baldr at Breiðablik. He provided them all with good residences.

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