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Ynglinga saga - 02 Chapter Two



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To the east of Tanakvísl in Asia it was called Ásaland (Land of the Æsir) or Ásaheimr (World of the Æsir), and the capital city that was in the land they called Ásgarðr.  And in that town was the ruler who was called Óðinn.

There was a great place of worship there. It was the custom there that twelve temple priests were of highest rank. They were in charge of the worship and judgements among people. They are known as díar or lords. They were to receive service and veneration from all people. Óðinn was a great warrior and very widely travelled and took power over many countries. He was so blessed with victory that in every battle he was the winner, and it came about that his people believed that he was able to assign victory in every battle. It was his custom, if he was sending his men into battle or on other missions, that he first laid his hands on their heads and gave them bjannak. They believed that then things would turn out well. It was also the case with his men that whenever they were in trouble on sea or on land, they called on his name, and always seemed to get help from that. They believed that all their security depended on him.  He often went away so far that he spent many seasons on the journey.

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