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Yassawi - 12 HIKMET 35



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Yassawi –  HIKMET 35

The prediction of saints will soon come to pass,
Judgment Day draws closer, my friends, I
They say smart people will lose their minds,
As mercy and kindness desert people, my friends.

From the old and the young politeness flees,
From tender girls and young women shame departs.
Where has moral sense in faith disappeared, asked Rasul?
Unusually, society lost its shame, my friends.

Muslims killing Muslims,
Misrepresenting and-violating the meaning of the Lord,
Murid became Impolite, neglecting their teacher,
Remarkably, violent times descended, my friend.

All sorts of people lose their generosity,
Kings,-and viziers turn away from their Creator,
Dervish prayers lack sincerity,
All kind of woes weigh people down, my friends.

Scholars at the End of Days became vicious and mean
Scholars became sycophantic.
Dervishes declaring Haqq were blamed and killed,
Terrible times have-befallen us, my friends.

Judgment Day is close, there is no turning back,
Everything Servant Ahmed shares is true,
Nothing-here is written for his own sake,
But purely for the enlightenment of all, my friends.

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Yassawi, Khoja Akhmet

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