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Xam bushmen - The sun's penis



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This appears to be funny until you compare it with the entry The Sun's penis from C G Jung.  What the San bushmen are describing is the tunnel to the Sun and because it appears to come from low down they call it a penis [why not!]


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Folklore and Ritual of !Kung Hunter Gatherers- Dr Megan Biesele

God's penis lies this way [K"xau's hands demonstrate its enormous size as it sticks out in front of him]. . . . Lo-o-ong! A bunch of people stand in a line before him and carry it on their shoulders. They take it and lay it out straight. . . . My friend, they take it upon their shoulders.

One person stands here. Another person stands here. Another stands here. All of them lift it up and rest it on their shoulders. . . And another person up front here.

. . . His penis lies there! . . . A strange thing, this. The people have gotten together and are carrying it over their shoulders. They walk around with it. It has horns.

They carry it to a chair and lay it down  on the chair so that it doesn't lie on the sand. Friend, they set up a chair, and they bring it around and bring it so it lies on the opened chair. Friend, the thing sits there-a foul thing! A strange, terrible thing!

Ak, ak, ak, a bad thing.

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African tribal

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