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Wonder, Stevie - Too high



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This song is intended to be about drug taking.  It should be clear that it is a cautionary tale, not a pleasant experience.  He didn’t need drugs any more than most of the other talented people he knew did. 

This is an hilarious quote from someone trying to justify their own drug taking “ Stevie aims to give the listener the wildly incorrect impression that all (or the majority) of people who use an illegal drug end-up having their lives and their personality ruined by it. “  Or it kills them.

I can only assume our commentator  has not followed the lives of John Lennon, Thelonious Sphere Monk, or Syd Barrett - all on the site.

The talented have no need of drugs.  Just love.

A description of the experience

Too High - Innervisions 1973

I'm too high
I'm too high
But I ain't touched the sky
I'm too high
I'm too high
But I ain't touched the sky

[Verse 1]
She's a girl in a dream
She sees a four eyed cartoon monster on the T.V. screen
She takes another puff and says "It's a crazy scene"
That red is green
And she's a tangerine

I'm too high
I'm too high
But I ain't left the ground
I'm too high
I'm too high
I hope I never ever come down

[Verse 2]
She's the girl in her life
But her world's a superficial paradise
She had a chance to make it big more than once or twice
But no dice
She wasn't very nice

I'm too high
I'm too high
I can't ever touch the sky
I'm too high
I'm so high
I feel like I'm about to die

[Verse 3]
She's a girl of the past
I guess that I got to her at last
A did you hear the news about the girl today
She passed away
What did her friend say

They said she's too high
Too high
Can't hang around anyway...

The source of the experience

Wonder, Stevie

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