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The Mystical Life – J H M Whiteman

(August 10, 1950). This long and elaborate separation was in two parts, the second following on the first after a short interval of apparent wakefulness.

At the end of the second part I was raised rather high, as in the air, and the Divine Sun was shown me for about half a minute. The mental state of the soul was one of adoration at its glory, almost dissolving into tears from joy.

At intervals, however, while filled with this joy in the soul life, I was also aware, by double-consciousness of a lower manifestation according to which the body (or rather, another body) was gently rocking, in a horizontal position, face upwards.

Around this lower state, or intermediate between it and the higher state, was a 'divine blackness', out of which the inner Sun had emerged or risen.

Thus a material light, a sublime darkness, and a supreme light, were simultaneously knowable, and two personal forms, one of them much more properly my own.

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Whiteman, J H M

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