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Wesley, John - Sermon 89 - extract on work and the will of God



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The generality of Christians, after using some prayer, usually apply themselves to the business of their calling. Every man that has any pretence to be a Christian will not fail to do this; seeing it is impossible that an idle man can be a good man, -- sloth being inconsistent with religion.

But with what view?

For what end do you undertake and follow your worldly business "To provide things necessary for myself and my family." ? It is a good answer as far as it goes; but it does not go far enough.

His end in all his labour is, to please God; to do, not his own will, but the will of him that sent him into the world, -- for this very purpose, to do the will of God on earth as angels do in heaven. He works for eternity. He "labours not for the meat that perisheth," (this is the smallest part of his motive,) "but for that which endureth to everlasting life." [Great Work]

And is not this "a more excellent way"

 Yet again: in what spirit do you go through your business In the spirit of the world?

I am afraid thousands of those who are called good Christians do not understand the question. If you act in the Spirit of Christ you carry the end you at first proposed [challenge - see below] through all your work from first to last.

You do everything in the spirit of sacrifice, giving up your will to the will of God; and continually aiming, not at ease, pleasure, or riches; not at anything "this short enduring world can give;" ...

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Wesley, John

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