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Wesley, John - Sermon 89 - extract on the benefits of sleep



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extract from The Sermons of John Wesley - Sermon 89

Sure I am, there is "a more excellent way" to promote health both of body and mind.

From an observation of more than sixty years, I have learned, that men in health require, at an average, from six to seven hours' sleep, and healthy women a little more, from seven to eight, in four-and-twenty hours.

I know this quantity of sleep to be most advantageous to the body as well as the soul.

It is preferable to any medicine which I have known, both for preventing and removing nervous disorders.

It is, therefore, undoubtedly the most excellent way, in defiance of fashion and custom, to take just so much sleep as experience proves our nature to require; seeing this is indisputably most conducive both to bodily and spiritual health.

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Wesley, John

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