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A P Elkin - Aboriginal men of high degree - Weather control



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Aboriginal men of high degree – A P Elkin

Some medicine men claim to be able to make storms, hot weather, and so on and to be able to travel around in the air and see everything; this latter power is called mamaror. They say that they can also drop sickness from the air, but I could find no instance of this, nor of any black magic. …..

ln treating a sick person, the medicine man rubs the afflicted part, generally the abdomen, and takes something away. This may be a material object or not. The rubbing is usually severe and causes vomiting. He also appears to take something from his own body with his hand and press it into the body of the patient.

A person may be born with magical "insides." He has a strange look in his eyes and is recognized by the medicine men as one of them. When he coughs, he might drop a little shell.

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Australian aboriginal

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Weather control


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