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Ward, R H - Flying through the region of ideas



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R H Ward – A Drug Taker’s Notes

As for the emotional tone of this phase of the experience I can only describe it as being compounded of wonder, joy and a wholly peaceful inevitableness for which there is no name. This sensation, which yet had nothing to do with my already anaesthetised senses, and to which our waking word values do not belong, had an emotional depth which does not belong to waking sensation, so that it is all but indescribable. Meanwhile, the extraordinary feeling of the rightness of things increased, became more poignant and was a companied as it did so by a peculiar sensation of upward and bodiless flight. This sense of upward movement continued until it seemed to me that I was rapidly passing through what I afterwards told myself was a ‘region of ideas’.

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Ward, R H

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Inhaling nitrous oxide