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Vaughan, Dr Alan – Connecting with your Higher spirit in order to establish your destiny



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Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan

I believe that the main reason for unhappiness is a dissonance between a person's inner "blueprint" and the life he is actually leading. And that happiness is, by definition, a fulfilling of one's potentialities - a complete expression of one's inner "blueprint."

If you are doing well at what you came into this world to do, then you are happy.

Most people are not aware of being psychic, nor do they usually have intellectual awareness of their future (or their future possibilities). Yet each of us does possess a guiding inner "blueprint" that can be tapped.

I have found meditation particularly helpful in establishing such a contact - of releasing the mind from the grip of logic so that it can merge with the far-wiser inner self. Sometimes the meditation will yield actual images and words that will guide me. But more often I feel only a sense of oneness with my complete self and find that quite unconsciously I do the right thing to solve any problem I might have. By becoming more intuitive, by learning to trust gut feelings, one can become self-fulfilling.

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Vaughan, Dr Alan

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