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Tyaga the Road of Fire - 09



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Irina Tweedie is probably the only person on this site where hyperthermia was deliberately used to provide spiritual experience. If you go to her biography you will see that she was being guided by a guru – a guru who used the so called Path of Fire –extreme as it was – to take her along the spiritual path.

In order to put this observation in context you need to read the entire sequence for her, For the final effects see 000159 – Tyaga road of fire

A description of the experience

 India is a hot land. Bhai Sahib, first got her to change flats.................

The Chasm of Fire – Irina Tweedie
After a while he said 'If you knew what I had in mind for you, for your future, you would never cry, never would be upset. About the end of April a flat will be available for you a more suitable one. Do not tell people that I told you to remain here; they will not understand, for they all think that you Europeans cannot stand the heat.

Moved to a new flat on the 1st May. It is comfortable, but only, oh so hot! The small courtyard paved with red bricks gets as hot as a baker's oven. All around is a high brick wall making the whole unit very private

..... Then he told her she needed to stay over the extremely hot Indian summer.............

 The Chasm of Fire – Irina Tweedie
Now the temperature is 108 degrees to 110 degrees in the shade and every day the Loo is blowing from 9am to 6pm. The Loo is a hot wind coming from the deserts of west Pakistan which pushes the temperature up to 120 degrees in the shade at times, so I have been told.
At last the ceiling fan is installed. He made me wait for it until now. I waited and waited for him to give me the money to buy it. I kept walking up and down the veranda in the afternoon stark naked, like a dream, blood boiling, drinking and drinking from the warm water in the earthenware jar.. indescribable suffering. Still, windless nights; sleepless because of the heat inside me and all around. Burned alive within and without. A sacrifice to Agni

.........The nights are still, full of stars and oven hot. My eyes are constantly red and inflamed from the perspiration running into them. Men go around with twisted handkerchiefs around their foreheads to prevent this happening. I shower 3 to 4 times a day but there is no relief as the water tank is on the roof and the water is boiling hot. Today the 'Loo' was terrible; the temperature yesterday was 117 degrees in the shade. Today it felt even hotter, like the entrance hall of hell.............

..........And so it went on for a long time and I became so desperate that I said to him that death would be better than this life of such misery.
'What effort are you making? You must make effort'.
I said I thought I was making superhuman effort.
'It is nothing ' he said angrily 'Nothing! What are you doing? A bit of hot weather you have had to bear, that is all'. He blew distainfully 'Why do you compare yourself with my shishyas [disciples]? You are not my shishya; and you never will be at this rate; never, never!'

......... Well I remember those days without peace, days with no mind and of the most exhausting heat? Days of the most terrible longing? One's head like a leaden weight sitting on one's neck, the bones of the skull like an iron ring pressing tighter and tighter around the brain.  All the objects in the room so hot that sometimes it burns the fingers to touch them. And it is hot, and it is hot; oh it is hot!  And the mind does not work. I fail to understand the simplest things and forget what I did only a moment ago.
I told him of the experience of having to live practically without mind. What a pity that I won't remember these states in the future; states which are leading one into an unknown dimension. I talked for a while, he listened quietly. We were not interrupted, not even once
'Where there is intellect, there is no love. Love begins when the mind stops'.

 Clever man…..

The source of the experience

Tweedie, Irina

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