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Tweedale, Reverend Charles – Sees the ghost of Aunt L and her dog



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 4


A description of the experience

As quoted in Gabriel Delanne - Materials for use in the study of Reincarnation

Mr. Charles L. Tweedale writes to Light:

My aunt L... died in 1905 and her pet dog, a small, fiery and energetic animal, had died a few years earlier. In August, Aunt L... started to show up at my house in full light, both in the evening and during the day, and was seen by all the inhabitants of the house.

On several occasions these apparitions were accompanied by growls and barks that surprised us a lot. Finally, this mystery was revealed by the appearance, next to Aunt L... of her pet dog. The animal was seen twice at the same time as its mistress. On a number of occasions it was seen alone, even in broad daylight, by my wife, servants and children. On one occasion it was seen at the same time by four people in broad daylight, and my youngest daughter was so struck by it that she was looking for it under the bed, under which it had seemed to disappear.

None of those who saw the ghost had known the animal during their lives. We had not seen its photograph either, since there was none. However, their descriptions of the ghost coincided absolutely and were consistent with what the animal had looked like during its lifetime.


 This is a more extensive account published in the London Light, 1911, page 101 and quoted by Bozzano:

In the past five months, we have witnessed the most extraordinary spontaneous manifestations that go far beyond the historical events of Reverend Wesley's Rectory. We all recently listened to a "direct voice" that called us by name in broad daylight, and witnessed the repeated apparitions of a tall female ghost, dressed in white, that all the members of the family could see, except me, who could, however, hear its voice sound wonderfully distinct, as if it came from the air, and in the presence of the whole family. The apparition has been seen several times collectively by various people, almost always in good light, and sometimes in full daylight. Twice, the ghost had a conversation with the attendees.

A few weeks ago, these wonderful events reached their peak with the apparition in broad daylight of the ghost dressed in white, accompanied by a dog. In one afternoon, they were seen together twice by different people in succession. That same afternoon, the dog was seen three times alone; once, four people saw it collectively; among them was my two-year-old daughter, who ran behind the ghost dog to the underside of the bed, where it had disappeared, shouting: "Boo! Boo!" I repeat that all this was happening in full daylight. Since then, this dog has been seen several other times, until the last few days.

Everyone who has seen it agrees to describe a high, white terrier dog with a large irregular black spots on its back, straight and short ears, straight tail. It was also noted that it seemed to be shaken by a strong tremor throughout its body and that the fur on its coat was shorter and shinier than usual. However, this description corresponds exactly to that of a dog that belonged to me and died about twelve years ago; I had almost forgotten about its existence. None of the people who described it had known it during its life and had not even known it would have existed.

My aunt, since it is her ghost that manifests itself, died six years ago. She had really liked the dog that accompanied her. It should be noted that, as I said earlier, my dog was characterized by an exuberance of vitality, which manifested itself in a violent tremor that shook its body every time its attention was aroused. It also had a large irregular spots on its back and precisely on the right side of its spine. Let us not forget that all these true details were absolutely unknown to those who saw and described the ghost of the dog.

I would also recall that before its manifestation, we had heard characteristic barking and scratching, which occurred at the same time as the female ghost appeared. But since none of us had yet seen animal ghosts, these auditory manifestations were inexplicable to us, until the day when the appearance of the dog cleared up the mystery.


The source of the experience

Tweedale, Reverend Charles Lakeman

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