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Triathlete hallucinates



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Once, I was competing in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. I was not having a good race,I was overheated and dehydrated - miserable.

Three miles into the marathon portion of the race, I saw my wife and my mom standing on the side of the road. I ran over to them to say I would be late to the finish line, but when I reached them and began telling my tale of woe, two complete strangers who did not even remotely resemble my wife and mother looked back at me.

The Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, with its extreme temperatures and long hours of monotony under grueling conditions, can provide an athlete with a fertile venue for hallucination, much the same as the vision quest rites of passage of Native Americans.

I have seen Madame Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano and Fire Goddess, at least once out there in the lava fields.

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From Oliver Sacks – Hallucinations