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Traffic accidents and heart failure from infrasound



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A traffic accident is not  a spiritual experience!  But there is clearly a loss of concentration being experienced – the sound is affecting the brain enough to mean it is causing problems.

This paper from Pubmed is therefore a useful indicator of the potential of violent weather to affect the brain

Perhaps key to is that other organs are being affected by the resonance – the heart and circulatory system in particular.  Some weather affects blood pressure.


In effect all the sources of infrasound from helicopters to wind turbines may be affecting people's blood pressure and their heart

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Atmospheric pressure fluctuations in the far infrasound range and emergency transport events coded as circulatory system diseases - Didyk Laet al ; Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine.

This study examines whether a relation exists between rapid atmospheric pressure fluctuations, attributed to the far infrasound frequency range (APF), and a number of emergency transport events coded as circulatory system diseases (EEC).

Over an entire year, the average integral amplitudes of APF in the range of periods from 3 s to 120 s over each hour (HA) were measured. Daily dynamics of HA averaged over the year revealed a wave shape with smooth increase from night to day followed by decrease from day to night. The total daily number of EEC within the city of Kiev, Ukraine, was related to the daily mean of HA (DHA) and to the ratio of HA averaged over the day time to HA averaged over the night time (Rdn), and was checked for confounding effects of classical meteorological variables through non-parametric regression algorithms.

The number of EEC were significantly higher on days with high DHA (3.72-11.07 Pa, n = 87) compared to the low DHA (0.7-3.62 Pa, n = 260, p = 0.01), as well at days with low Rdn (0.21-1.64, n = 229) compared to the high Rdn (1.65-7.2, n = 118, p = 0.03). A difference between DHA and Rdn effects on the emergency events related to different categories of circulatory diseases points to a higher sensitivity of rheumatic and cerebro-vascular diseases to DHA, and ischaemic and hypertensive diseases to Rdn. Results suggest that APF could be considered as a meteorotropic factor capable of influencing circulatory system diseases.

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