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Tirrukural, the - Book 1 Wrath



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Tirrukural, the - Book 1 Wrath

301. The real curb is curbing effective wrath;
What matters other wrath, curbed or uncurbed?

302 Vain wrath is bad, but where it avails
There is nothing worse.

303. Be wroth with none; all evil
Springs of it.

304. Is there a foe more fell than wrath
Which kills laughter and love?

305. Keep wrath at bay if you would guard yourself;
Unchecked it kills.

306. Wrath is a fire which kills near and far
Burning both kinsmen and life's boat.

307. A wrathful man's ruin is as hurtful and sure
As the earth struck with one's hand.

308. It is better to curb one's wrath
Even against blazing affront.

309. All things desired are his at once
Whose mind is free of wrath.

310. Temper intemperate is death,
Wrath given up renunciation.

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Tirrukural, the

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Fury, overwhelming rage and anger