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Tirrukural, the - Book 1 Affability



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Tirrukural, the - Book 1 Affability

91.  Those are sweet words which men of virtue speak
Mingling love with sincerity.

92. More pleasing than a gracious gift
Are sweet words with a smiling face.

93. Real charity is a smiling welcome
And sweet words heartfelt.

94. Want and sorrow shall never be theirs
Who have a pleasant word for all.

95. Sweet words and humility are one's true jewels;
All else are foreign and none.

96. Sweet words well-chosen diminish ill
And increase virtue.

97. Helpful words yoked with courtesy
Breed justice and strengthen virtue.

98. Sweet words free of meanness yield joy
Here and hereafter.

99. How can one pleased with sweet words oneself
Use harsh words to others?

100. To use harsh words when sweet ones are at hand
Is to prefer raw fruit to ripe.

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Tirrukural, the

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