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Tholen, Warner - Prophesying the Queen Juliana airplane crash in Frankfurt, Germany



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

Croiset's protege, Warner Tholen, gazed at the music book on a woman neighbour's piano, and saw the face of a Madonna. "Suddenly it changed to the face of Queen Juliana and I saw the text of Ave Maria,” he told me. "I saw an airplane with forty-one funeral cars, and one person walking away." Tholen mailed this impression to Professor Tenhaeff.

Several days later the Queen Juliana airplane crashed in Frankfurt, Germany, killing forty-one persons. The only survivor was a stewardess, who walked away from the crash.

"It was a remarkable impression," explains Dr. Tenhaeff.

"The only error that Tholen made was on the music book. It was Ave Verrum (Hymns of the Dead) instead of 'Ave Maria."'

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Tholen, Warner

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