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The clock that stopped on a mother’s death - the dead woman was an ardent spiritualist



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also found in  Ernesto Bozzano - Psychic phenomena at the moment of death [110 cases suggesting survival after death] - Telekinesis related to death event

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Published in Light (1898, page 225). Mr. B. B. Mac Mellan reports:

One of my friends found that the old family clock, which was in perfect condition and had consistently and flawlessly done its job of reporting time, had stopped two or three minutes after the death of my friend's mother.

A family member, present at the time of death, having noticed that the patient was close to end, had looked at the clock, placed in the adjoining room and had clearly noticed its movement. As soon as the dying woman had given up, he came back to look at the clock to record the exact time of death. To his great surprise, he had noticed that the clock had stopped in this short period of time. It was then observed that the clock had been wound up.

The family thought that the incident was produced by extrinsic intelligence, because the dead woman was an ardent spiritualist.

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