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The Ceasing of Notions – 23 Ego and Rules vs No-Ego and the Way



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The Ceasing of Notions [or the Treatise on the Transcendence of Cognition]

48.  Emmon ‘I have seen followers of the Way who are not fully dedicated; they do not carefully observe the precepts; their demeanor is not always correct and polite, nor is their behaviour always dignified; and they do not always help sentient beings.  They seem to just aimlessly waste their time.
Why is this so?

Master Nyuri : ‘Because they want to forget all discriminations that arise in the heart and want to destroy all the various views they have.
So though from the outside it may look as if they are aimless, yet inwardly they are assiduously training and cultivating themselves.’


Emmon asks ‘But if a practitioner holds such childish opinions how can he destroy false views?’

Master Nyuri:  ‘You had better destroy your own opinions!  Why do you get worked up about those others?  Why should a fish that escapes into the depths care whether the angler hates him?’


Emmon ‘ But if such a one, though he benefits himself, brings harm to others, how can he be called a follower of the Great Vehicle?’

Master Nyuri:  ‘If you do not produce such views, neither will the other.  It is you who are now overly concerned with another’s views – but these views have arisen in yourself, not in the other!

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