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The Ceasing of Notions – 07 The mind that knows cannot know itself



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Also describes the unity of the entire framework of dark matter and light matter

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The Ceasing of Notions [or the Treatise on the Transcendence of Cognition]

21.  Emmon asks ‘Why is the seeing of the Buddha not seeing with the eyes and his knowing not knowing with the mind?'

Master Nyuri : ’It is extremely difficult to see into the self-nature of the Dharma.
An analogy may help.
When the subtle black light reflects things, it seems as if both that which reflects and that which is reflected really exist. 
Just as the eye that sees cannot see itself, and also yin and yang act on things, it seems as if both that which knows and that which is known exist separately.
But there is no mind that can know - no thing that can do the knowing - hence the mind that knows cannot know itself.'

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