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The Wisconsin engineer Volume 69 - Various Witching Methods - Estimating depth and quantity



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Smith, Robert (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer  Volume 69, Number 1 (October 1964)

VARIOUS WITCHING METHODS – Estimating depth and quantity

  Some dowsers try to estimate depth and quantity. The most common method of estimating depth is by the amount of pull on the rod. A second theory is that the "rays of force" are emitted at a 45 degree angle from the water vein as in Figure 2 [not present]. This means that the distance covered by the dowser, from where the rod just starts to pull until it stops pulling, is equal to twice the depth to water. Another method is counting the oscillations of a pendulum. A method found commonly in this country is that of holding a piece of baling wire horizontally at one end between thumb and fore-finger. The rod begins to nod up and down and then stops. Each nod indicates a foot of depth.

In Europe, the same technique is used, but each bob is taken to mean one meter of depth. Sometimes the number of bobs is translated into gallons per minute. All of these techniques are found in Europe. Even the long-distance dowsing over a map, as Henry Gross practices it, is strictly a European import.

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