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The Voice of Buddha bell



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F Treeves – The Other Side of the Lantern

The bell known as the Voice of Buddha weighs 74 tons and stands alone among trees in the temple garden of CHION-IN in Kyoto Japan.

It is green bronze.

The great mouth of the bell is so close to the ground that when struck with the suspended trunk of a cedar tree that takes 25 monks to move, it produces a tone that … is thrilling mysterious and solemn beyond all imagining.

The sound comes out of the wood and rolls downward to the town. It is a deep soft melancholic note like that of a humming gong. It never rises sky wards, it rumbles along the ground.

It flows through the listener like water through sand. It penetrates the body like a subtle tingling current … It is so sad, so wandering, so desolate, that each slowly recurring boom comes like a sob

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