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The tall men of Kham



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With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet – Alexandra David-Neel

I have had the rare opportunity of beholding some of these ascetics, tall men of Kham, clad in the picturesque garb of the hermits, their plaited hair falling to their feet.

Under the starry sky, they danced to the strange music of hand-drums and femur-trumpets, in these majestic wilds which lay at the summit of our globe.

On their ecstatic faces shone the proud joy of having trampled down the feelings that keep the mind feverish through hopes and fears, through. "the burning thirst," "the distressing race towards mirages."

 And then they sank in endless meditations that kept them till late after dawn sitting cross-legged, the body erect, the gaze cast down, motionless, like stone images.

It was a sight never to be forgotten.

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