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The Means of achieving spiritual experience - Shaivism – 13 Bhang



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Bhang (Hindi: भांग) is an edible preparation of cannabis used in food and drink in India. Using mortar and pestle, the buds and leaves of cannabis are ground into a paste. To this mixture, milk (or buttermilk), ghee, and Indian spices are added. Bhang is also mixed with ghee and sugar to make a purple halva, and into “peppery, chewy little edible balls called 'golee'” (which in this context means candy or pill in Hindi).  “In some parts of rural India, , bhang is believed to cure fever, dysentery, sunstroke, clear phlegm, aid in digestion, appetite, cure speech imperfections and lisping, and give alertness to the body”. 

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Sadhu Shambhudasa – Advice to a Mleccha [The Mimansa]


"The use of certain hypnotic beverages, such as bhang, the infusion of Indian hemp, is advised to facilitate the perception of the subtle world and for mental concentration. Most other drugs are injurious, particularly the opiates.

Bhang should be sipped in a tranquil place, preferably in the company of several friends, and followed by a period of discussion, reflection, and games. One must never consume bhang in moments of physical activity and if one is not observing the other rules of conduct. Neither must one smoke hashish.

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