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The healing Wisdom of Birds – Lesley Morrison – The Finch



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The healing Wisdom of Birds – Lesley Morrison – The Finch

Medicine:  power of song and voice, new opportunities

family: Fringillidae

diet: seeds, insects

habitat: pine and laurel forests, sand dunes, orchards, parks, and gardens

The finch family includes some of the most loved songbirds on the planet. Canaries, goldfinches, pine siskins, and many other favorites fit into this large family. They are generally cheerful, musical, and social birds, and delightful to both watch and listen to. These birds are signals of a high level of energy coming into your life, and bring the hope of excitement and joy. Native Americans view the finch as an oracle of celebration and upcoming festivities because of their spontaneous natures and the brilliantly colored plumage of many of the different bird species.

The finch family is diverse, expressing a need for variety in life. If a finch totem enters your life, you are being asked to find new ways to achieve success , joy, and contentment.

Your perspective may be too limited at present, causing you to miss opportunities in other directions. The canary, a favorite member of the finch family, is extremely sensitive to its surrounding atmosphere. They will quickly die when noxious gases or other strong toxins are in the near vicinity.

Coal miners used to take caged canaries into the mines to detect dangerous gas levels in the tunnels. Those with canary medicine are likewise sensitive to the energies around them, and will become agitated when exposed to negativity or impurities.

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