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Logically I think the only conclusion you can come to is that some psychokinetic activity is caused by out of body people - living souls - not all.

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The Romeo Error – Lyall Watson

As far as I know, the earliest deliberate attempt to lay the ghost of a living body in the laboratory was made at the turn of the century by the French pioneer Hector Durville.

He found a subject who claimed that he could project his astral body at will and persuaded this man to try to provide physical proof of his detachment.

He apparently succeeded in making a rapping sound on a table at the other end of the room, in producing fogging on photographic plates, and by causing calcium sulphide screens to glow more brightly.

These poltergeist like phenomena could have been produced by psychokinesis, and are no less exciting because of that suggestion, but they do not necessarily provide proof that a personality can be detached from its base in the body. They do, however, raise the possibility that all psychokinetic phenomena, as shown by the few special people who have proved that they can affect matter at a distance apparently by the exercise only of their minds, might be operating out-of-the-body at the time.

It is hard to decide which of the two phenomena is the least unlikely.

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