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The Erra Epic - Source: Foster’s (B.)  Distant Days: myths, tales and poetry from Ancient Mesopotamia

He arose from his dwelling, an inaccessible place, He set out for the dwelling of the Anunna-gods.
He entered that house and stood before them.

Shamash looked upon him and let his protective radiance fall...

Sin looked everywhere, and did not leave the Netherworld,
Ill winds rose and the bright daylight was turned to gloom,

The clamor of the peoples throughout the land was stilled,
The Igigi gods were terrified and went up to heaven,
The Anunna gods were frightened and went down to the pit of hell,
[ ] the entire circumference [ ] [ ] in the dust [ ] let us see".
[ ] its doors. [ ] like the stars of heaven.


The gods convene to discuss the situation. Ea, intent upon restoring Marduk to his place, reasons that, even though the original sublime craftsmen cannot return, Marduk authorized reproduction of them to be made that are endowed with wondrous powers by Ea at Marduk’s command.

The repairs are proceeding well.

Erra, while standing guard at the hour where the work is being done lest harm approach, is taking the opportunity to usurp Marduk’s power by keeping everyone away from him.
So vainglorious is Erra’s shouting that Ea resolves to see him humbled.

"The diadem [ ] "His heart [ ] "The governor’s [ ] "The awe-inspiring radiance of his divine splendor [ ] his days [ ], "[ ] like rain,
"Let Ea in the depths [ ] his springs,
"Let Shamash see .... [ ] and let the people [ ]
"Let Sin behold, and at his sign, let him [ ] to the land.
"Concerning that work, Ea [ ] is expert".
"The warrior Erra became very angry,
"Why, because of foam on the waters, the .... of mankind,
"Which I myself created to bring offerings to he Anunna gods,
"Did noble Marduk give up, not at the appointed time?
"He plotted to lay waste the lands and destroy their people!
"Ea the king considered and said these words,

"Even now that noble Marduk has arisen from his dwelling, he did not command those craftsmen to come up.
"How can images of them, which I made among mankind,

"Approach his sublime divinity, where no god has access?
"He himself gave those same human craftsmen great discretion and authority,
"He gave them wisdom and perfect dexterity,
"They have made his precious image radiant, even finer than before,
"Warrior Erra has stationed himself before him, night and day without ceasing,

"Besetting the house for making radiant the precious image for the sovereignty of the king and saying, ’ Don’t come near the work! ’ [He who draws] near it - I will cut short his life and prolong his death agony.’

"[ ] let him hasten at the work,
"[ ] has no equal.
"[ ] Erra was speaking like a mortal,
"[ ] was trying to rival the noble one,
"[ ] may he be humbled."

The images of the craftsmen made his precious image radiant, [ ] ..... They set the.... at his door, [ ] king Shamash girds it on, [ ] he reoccupied his dwelling, [ ] brilliance was re-established, [All the gods....] were gathered, Erra [ noble] Marduk,

"Noble Marduk,[ ]
"Godlike, you [ ]
"Small to great [ ] [ ] Erra.... [ ] ... his uproar was terrifying,
"[ ] ... the image,
"[ ] of your lordship are raised up and established".

The king of the gods made ready to speak and said,

"[ ] and went up to heaven.
" [ ] he commanded,
"Return to your dwellings!
" [ ] ... his sign,
"[ ] upon your face,
"[ ] their peoples.
"[ ] you did not turn your back.

"He heard him, ... said to the king of the gods,
"The word of Marduk [ ] of the day".
He said to him [ ]
"Come now, [ ]
"To destroy the lands [ why did you plot?]?

Erra heard him [ ] ... He entered [ ].

Anu heard in heaven [ ], He bowed his lofty head [ ], Antu, mother of the gods, was aghast [ ], She entered her chamber, Enlil’s [ ]


[ ] father of the gods [ ] [ ] Enlil [ ] Among the beasts, all of them [ ] Erra among all the gods [ ] Among the stars of heaven the Fox Star [ ] Was shining bright and its radiance [ ] for him, The stars of all the gods were dazzling [ ], Because they were angry with each other, and noble Marduk [ ] put [ ],

"The star of Erra is shining bright and its radiant.... of warfare.

"His awe-inspiring brilliance will..... and all people will perish.


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