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Sophia Elizabeth De Morgan – A Theory of Inspiration and the need for Purification in order to obtain genuine Inspiration



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From Matter to Spirit – The Result of Ten Years Experience in Spirit Manifestation – Sophia Elizabeth De Morgan

If the theory of Inspiration in the [extracts following] should seem more systematic and complete than is justified by facts, I beg to be understood as only offering thoughts suggested by much fragmentary information gained from various sources on an obscure subject.

If I can thus give a new direction to an inquiry, which must be completed by better and more advanced thinkers than myself, some indulgence may perhaps be extended to errors which will soon become apparent, but which at this stage of knowledge are unavoidable.

We have seen that all communication from the spiritual sphere is couched in the language of Correspondence (though in simple messages from spirits near to earth this may not be at first apparent), and that, in the development of mediumship, the character of the impressing spirit rises with the gradual opening of the inner sense.

The symbolism also consists of different degrees, rising from the representations of objects near to earth-which express good or ill according to their characters and the character of the spirit whose surroundings they are-to the glorious imagery of the highest angel world.

Two conditions are necessary-the character of the inspiring source, and that of the medium or channel of communication; for by both these acting together the quality and form of the message is determined.

Not that the human vessel alters the heavenly stream, but that each current has its separate source and its appropriate channel, and the most direct channels must be traversed by streams from the purest fountain before the work of spiritual regeneration is complete.

To attain this state of receptivity, a purifying process is needed; but the amount of purification required varies in different individuals, and this explains the fact that to innocent loving children visions and communications of the highest character are sometimes given, confirming the words of the Psalmist, 'Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, Thou hast revealed strength;' and the assurance of our Lord, in speaking of little children, that ‘0f such, is the kingdom of Heaven.’…………………………………………………..

The word Influx includes every degree of spiritual impression: Inspiration should I think be limited to the direct action of the Holy Spirit upon the spirit of man; and the inner breathing, which in different degrees accompanies every stage of development, is most silent and deep when coincident with impressions from the Highest Source.

It is the effect of Inspiration.

As the typical people could not have their ark of the covenant, or their holy of holies before the exodus from Egyptian bondage was complete, so must each soul get beyond the bondage of ideas gained by its own intellectual effort before he can be enlightened by the communion of the Holy Ghost.

The process of liberation which I have described as a struggle, includes both the conquest of self in the most internal feelings, and the perceptible action of spirit influence. Neither can be well or safely accomplished without constant and earnest prayer, which is as sending up a vessel to receive the heavenly current, whose gentle but irresistible power will purify body, soul, and spirit, bringing all into perfect harmony with the will of God.

When the soul has thus been made ready, swept and garnished, the sunlight will fall direct from above as into a temple whose roof is open towards heaven ; while into the earthly tabernacle whose windows open towards the world, it will enter through the mist and smoke of earth, refracted and dimmed by every material object.


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De Morgan, Augustus

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