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Schrodinger, Erwin - Mind and Matter - Time



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Erwin Schrodinger – Mind and Matter

I have sometimes wondered why it [Einstein’s theory of relativity] made such a great stir both among the general public and among philosophers. 

I suppose it is this, that it meant the dethronement of time as a rigid tyrant imposed on us from outside, a liberation from the unbreakable rule of before and after.  For indeed time is our most severe master by ostensibly restricting the existence of each of us to narrow limits – seventy or eighty years, as the Pentateuch has it. 

To be allowed to play about with such a master’s programme, believed unassailable until then, to play about with it albeit in a small way, seems to be a great relief, it seems to encourage the thought that the whole timetable is probably not quite as serious as it appears at first sight. 

And this thought is a religious thought, nay I should call it the religious thought

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Schrodinger, Erwin

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