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Savage, Dr Minot Judson - Psychics : facts and theories – 23 Information he did not know is given by a spirit – ‘Mary is in a great deal of trouble’



Type of Spiritual Experience


What if the Higher spirit of Mary herself had made contact, but chosen to hide the identity in a cloak of the dead spirit of her sister - knowing that Dr Savage would then take the case up - piqued by curiosity.

Again the extensive use of language indicates the person communicating may be a living being.

A description of the experience

Psychics : facts and theories – M J Savage

At another sitting with the same psychic friend, again there purported to be present the " spirit "of a lady I had known for years.

Her father's family and mine had been intimate when we were young. If still conscious, she knew I was greatly interested in all that pertained to their welfare. She told me of a sister married and living in another State.

She said : " Mary is in a great deal of trouble. She is passing through the greatest sorrow of her life. I wish I could make her know that I care. I wish you would write to her."

As we talked the matter over, she explained it to me, telling me at first vaguely, as though shrinking from speaking plainly, and then more clearly, making me understand that the husband was the cause of her sorrow. I had not seen her husband more than once, and had never dreamed that they were not happy. And the psychic had never heard of any such people.

In this case, also, I wrote to the lady. I told her I would explain afterward, but for the present asked her only to let me know if she was in any special trouble; and provided she was and the nature of it was such that she could properly do so, to tell me what it was.

I received a reply, " private and confidential' confirming everything that had been told me in the privacy of my own study. And she closed by asking me to burn the letter, adding that she would not for the world have her husband know that she had written it.


The source of the experience

Savage, Dr Minot Judson

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