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Romano, Jacques - Premonition of a storm



Type of Spiritual Experience


I cannot work out whether this is prophecy or environmental control.  He says it is premonition, but he was a magician and quite probably would not have wanted Schwartz to know he could affect the weather

A description of the experience

The Jacques Romano story – Dr Berthold Eric Schwartz

In 1909 I was on the Pacific Coast of Mexico for the Kodak Company.  I had just missed a passenger steamer and was forced to take a freighter that carried only two or three passengers. I got the best cabin. There was freight below, and the deck was covered with crates.

"The captain asked, 'Senor, what is your business?' I said, 'I'm a doctor and a spiritualist.'

I thought I'd have some fun with him, so I told him we would have a very rough voyage and that there would be a storm at exactly 8:00 p.m. At the time the captain and I were talking, the ocean was as smooth as glass; however, a terrific storm developed at 8:00 p.m., and I had to strap myself in my berth. I could hardly get out of my cabin during the height of the storm because there were ropes tangled all over the deck. At one point, I looked into an adjacent room and saw a Mexican woman and her child praying on their knees.

Later I received a note from the captain asking when the storm would be over. I answered, 'Come back in half an hour, and I'll tell you.' When he returned, I said, 'Four o'clock,' and the storm completely abated at that time.

The furniture in the mess hall was broken up, and everything was washed out. These presentiments came easily, because I had no marital concerns, family obligations, or worries. My mind was clear, with no distraction other than the sky and the sea.

When we landed, I congratulated the captain on his expert seamanship, and he said, 'I'll never forget you, and you'll never travel on any of my boats again!'"

The source of the experience

Romano, Jacques

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Weather control


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