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Rogo, D Scott - Leaving the Body - The dangers of yogic ‘cross breathing’



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David Scott Rogo - Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection

Yogic cross-breathing is one OBE induction procedure that should be approached with the utmost caution. . . if at all. lt is a very unfocused technique meant to raise the Kundalini, produce levitation, and develop a number of other paranormal abilities including astral projection.

Ancient yogic scripture stresses that these breathing exercises should not be divorced from a more general practice of yoga and should be practiced only under the guidance of a teacher. lf done incorrectly or prematurely, tradition warns that the Kundalini might be aroused in the wrong way.

This could seriously disrupt the body's energy system and produce all sorts of disquieting physical and mental effects. 

This is why the cross-breathing technique was kept secret until Vivekananda revealed it to the West, for which he was severely criticized by other gurus. Perhaps this is why the Cabalists also kept their breathing techniques so secret.

Warnings about haphazardly experimenting with yogic breathing are conspicuously evident in yogic literature, and there is good reason to take these admonitions seriously.

Many students of yoga have succeeded in raising the Kundalini through cross-breathing, but they have had all sorts of negative reactions to the experience, including unbearable and uncontrollable flashes or waves of heat over the body, attacks of panic and terror, chronic insomnia, compulsive tics, and even transient episodes of psychosis.

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Rogo, D Scott

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