Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Ritchie, Dr George – The NDE 03



Type of Spiritual Experience


There is more, but I did not want to infringe copyright.

A description of the experience

He notified me mentally that He wished me to stay close to Him. We left the hospital room by rising straight up through the roof and then we headed over the surface of the Earth at a very rapid speed. I found myself again utterly amazed at our being able to travel in this fashion and full of curiosity as to where we might be heading.

We came over this extremely large city beside a great body of water. As we descended into the heart of the city, I felt that my spiritual eyes must be out of focus. I could see the human beings and the material world, but I could also see other beings without physical bodies, beings like myself, who had bodies but whose bodies were not as dense or thick as the human bodies. They were dispersed amongst the human beings, who also had an electrical field around them.

Suddenly the Christ and I lit on the street outside a tavern and immediately went in, to observe what was happening. From this point to our return to the hospital room, the Christ said nothing but was taking me to different places to observe, learn and form my own conclusions.

I could see the civilians and service personnel having a good time drinking their beer, wine and highballs in the booths and at the bar. I could see the other beings who were experiencing the same difficulty I had when they went to pick up a drink. Their hands went right through the glasses the same way that mine had gone through the guy wire of the telephone pole. Then they would stand and watch in great anguish. From time to time one of the human beings would become totally intoxicated, which caused the electrical field or aura to separate, starting at the head and going to the feet. When this would happen, one of the less dense beings without the aura would try to beat out the other similar beings getting into the human being through the separated electrical field.

To save words, I shall call this realm and the beings who belonged to this realm astral. Though the Lord did not make any explanation, I gathered that these astral beings had become alcoholics when they were living on the earth and had never been able to rid themselves of their addiction while they were human beings.

We changed our location and moved to a large plant in the industrial section of this city. The year was 1943. Because of the war effort, most of our larger manufacturing plants were on three shifts, which worked around the clock. I could see humans on the assembly lines and the foremen and other officers. I could also see astral beings standing beside each of them trying to tell them how to do their jobs, but the human beings could neither hear nor see them, just as the ward attendants could not see me.

This time we moved to the suburbs of the city and I could see a young man walking down the sidewalk. Beside him was this being walking, trying to tell him how to dress and what to do with his life but he could neither see nor hear her. I gathered she had been his mother when she was a human.

The Second Realm: Astral, Purgatory? Terrestrial? I do not know how to adequately explain what was happening but it appeared we were going deeper and deeper into the astral realm, into an area where it no longer overshadowed our material realm. The astral realm has its own reality of substance to it just as does our earthly realm with all our buildings and things man has constructed. When we first came down into the city I could see the physical city that any of us would see if we were landing at night by a jet airliner. What made me feel as though my vision was out of focus was seeing another city superimposed on our physical city. I came to realize this belonged to these astral beings.

In the deepest sense, most of the beings of one realm weren't aware of the existence of the other. When I say we were going deeper, I mean we were becoming so much a part of the astral dimension that we too could no longer see the physical beings or our physical material structures.

We were still in the same area where the large city had been visible, but all I could see now were the dwelling places where the astral beings lived, which were definitely of a less dense, or more ethereal material than our dwellings.

…..It also seemed the longer beings were in any of these realms, the closer they came in appearance to being around thirty to thirty-five years of age.

One of the places we observed deep within this realm seemed to be a receiving station. Beings would arrive here oftentimes in a deep hypnotic sleep. I call it hypnotic because l realized they had put themselves in this state by their beliefs. This was during the middle of World War II and I saw many young beings arrive here as a result of their physical deaths. Here were what I would call angels working with them, trying to arouse them and help them realize ….they did not have to lie around sleeping until Gabriel or someone came along blowing on a horn… As you can see by the multiple titles that I have placed upon it, I do not know what to call it.

The source of the experience

Ritchie, Dr George

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