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Rene Magritte and J H M Whiteman



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The Mystical Life - J H M Whiteman

No consciousness is located in the physical body.  More precisely, if we have spatial or visual awareness of the physical body, or of a body which resembes or is believed to be the physical body, we also perceive unmistakenly that the form in which our consciousness is altogether located is distinct and fully apart from that body...

If separation proceeds as the result of a balanced and rationl development of character and not from shock, physical weakness, drugs or other physical influence, it has, in my experience, no different effect on the physical body from that of a deep and refreshing sleep.  For it is merely a deep sleep in which we have keenly reflective inner consciousness because of the mind becoming exceptionally loosened from fixation

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Rene Magritte - Tous les jours



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Magritte, René

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