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Rasch, Sir Frederick Carne - In two places at the same time



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Written by Edwin Castano

Sir Frederick Carne Rasch - doppelgangers

British MP Carne Rasch was due to attend a parliamentary debate in 1906 when he came down with the flu and was bed-ridden for some time. No one expected to see him that evening, so when fellow parliamentarian Sir Gilbert Parker spotted him in Parliament during a debate, he was at once well-pleased and surprised. He sat next to Carne Rasch, greeted him and said “I hope you’re feeling better”. Seeing no reaction in his friend’s face, Gilbert concentrated on the debate. When he next turned to look at Carne Rasch, he found the seat empty. Gilbert searched for his friend in the lobby of parliament but to no avail. However, other parliamentarians had also seen Carne Rasch during the course of the evening, thus giving credence to Gilbert’s claim. Carne Rasch, fully recovered, found out about the incident and wrote a lengthy newspaper article jokingly explaining that his will to participate in the debate was so strong that his spirit was forced to attend on his behalf. Luckily for Carne Rasch he lived on a few more years.

The beginnings of Seership – Vincent Turvey

In using the word "visible" the editor does not wish to be understood as meaning objectively visible, for that would, of course, imply the presence of a " materialized form"; and although, perhaps, it would be possible for "I" to "materialize," under proper conditions, nevertheless, "I" has not yet attempted to do so. I must also remark that, wherever it has been stated that "I saw a spirit" it has been taken for granted that the reader would understand that the "spirit" was not objectively visible, as is a chair, a table, or a ghost ; but that the "spirit form" was seen with the inner vision……

The astral body ….. must not be confused with the "double," which is an objectively visible body, such as was that which was used by Sir Carne Rasch on the occasion when he was seen in the House of Commons at the time when his physical body was lying ill in bed.

The Mystery of the Human Double – Ralph Shirley

The "double" has even invaded the Houses of Parliament. Sir Carne Rasch, when ill in bed, was seen in the House of Commons not only by Sir Gilbert Parker, but also by Sir Arthur Hayter. Sir Gilbert said, apropos of this experience, "'When Rasch accepted my nod with what looked very like a glare, and met my kindly inquiry with silence I was a little surprised and when he suddenly and silently vanished I put my hand to my head in utter bewilderment and asked myself if it were possible that poor Rasch, whose illness had been reported in the papers, had actually died."

Sir Arthur Hayter also was positive that he saw Sir Carne Rasch on the same occasion. He stated that he was struck by his extreme pallor, and also that he occupied a seat remote from his usual place.

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Rasch, Sir Frederic Carne

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