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Raikov, Professor Vladimir L - Psychic Discoveries – 08 Testing using CCAP (Conductivity of the Channels of Acupuncture Points)



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Psychic Discoveries – Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

Raikov uses a brand-new instrument invented by a talented twenty-nine-year-old physicist, Victor Adamenko, to check his work.

This machine registers energy flow in the body at acupuncture points. Physicist Adamenko picks up changes in body energy caused by alterations of consciousness and emotional states.

Adamenko carefully attached his machine, called the CCAP (Conductivity of the Channels of Acupuncture Points), to test volunteers. Then Raikov took over. He put subjects into passive hypnosis. Completely in his sway, they saw rose gardens he conjured for them, they gestured like sleepwalkers. He also put subjects into ‘reincarnation’ hypnosis.

Like the student "Raphaels" and "Repins," they were completely on their own in trance.  At the end of many sessions, Raikov and Adamenko checked the graphs and found a pronounced difference between the different forms of hypnosis Raikov had tried.

"With the CCAP we can chart objectively the activity of the mind in states of somnambulism and various levels of hypnosis," the two reported in the Journal of Neuropathology and Psychiatry. They'd come up with a new way to see into the mind, to chart consciousness.

Raikov and Adamenko found there was even more activity in the mind during reincarnation than there is when a person is wide awake. This corroborates the EEG findings that ‘reincarnation’ is a state of "super-wakefulness" and that it is a very different animal than regular, passive hypnosis.

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Raikov, Professor Vladimir L

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