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Raikov, Professor Vladimir L - Psychic Discoveries – 03 None of Raikov’s subjects has come down from their artistic high after being cut off from Raikov



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Psychic Discoveries – Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

Parapsychologists and critics of the arts generally recognize that creativity and inspiration are shot through with the force that latter-day scientists have termed ESP.

‘But - You, too, can learn to draw in twenty easy lessons"?

The unveiling of the instant artist seems a little too easy. And it would be, the Soviets agree, by any of the usual modes of instruction. But, they say, [this method] lets the mind become super-creative, because it allows the mind to operate on new, almost "magical" laws.

These laws bear stable gifts.  None of Raikov’s subjects has come down from their artistic high after being cut off from Raikov.

Dr. Raikov and his collaborators ran initial tests with twenty young (late teens, early twenties) unartistic but intelligent students. Raikov gave each of them five to twenty reincarnation experiences.

After their final incarnation as a genius some drew better than others, but everyone improved markedly and Raikov has the pictures to prove it. Everyone wound up, in his own opinion, with a new found talent.

Your activity as a ‘reincarnated master’ leaves no snatch of memory. Not surprisingly, in their un-‘reincarnated’ state these students at first refused to believe they'd drawn the pictures shown them- and they probably didn't want to believe they'd signed "Repin" or "Raphael" with a nice flourish at the bottom. As the sessions progressed, however, the drawing skill acquired as Repin, began to filter through into their own conscious personalities. Contrary to all previous experience, students found that they could draw after all. "

By the tenth Session," Naumov told us, "the new talent is stabilized and part of the conscious equipment of the student. What they've acquired stays with them."

Raikov explains, "The student is thinking, forming relationships and judgments, acquiring his own experience during [deep trance]. Consequently the creative potential he develops, draws out, becomes his own."

Asked if he weren't just transplanting something into students in a receptive state, Raikov remarked, "As a hypnotist, I simply get them to this state of super-wakefulness, but after that I'm not imposing anything on them; sometimes it is very much to the contrary."

Raikov remembers one girl he reincarnated not as an artist, but as a famous English queen. "'We desire to hold a ball," the sudden queen announced.

"You," she said to Raikov, "be off and take care of the arrangements.”

“It is my command!" she said in her best grand manner when the usually commanding Raikov hesitated.

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Raikov, Professor Vladimir L

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